Representatives Shawnna Bolick and Anthony Kern
voted 3 times to cut taxes for corporations and the very wealthy.*

Arizona is finally beginning to climb out of a deep financial hole, but we need to keep an eye to the future and be preparing for another possible financial downturn. And we should be cautious because greedy corporate leaders are repeating the same mistakes that got us into the 2008 mess. Worse yet, too many of our elected officials seem to have not learned from the past mistakes.

Many of our elected officials are not making financial security for hard-working Arizonans a priority. But we have learned from our past and know we must ensure our leaders hold irresponsible corporations and CEOs accountable.

Join us by speaking up and making your concerns about financial security known!

Contact Representative Bolick and Representative Kern and tell them to put Arizona families’interests above those of greedy corporations.

* Senate Bill 1143, House Bill 2757, House Bill 2275, Fifty-fourth Legislature, First Regular Session – 2019