Hardworking Arizonans deserve affordable, quality healthcare coverage

The Arizona legislature needs to take measures to protect people with pre-existing conditions and stop surprise medical billing to limit the ballooning medical debt that burdens hardworking Arizonans and prevents economic growth. The data shows why action must be taken now:

  • There are an estimated 1,145,000 non-elderly Arizonans with pre-existing conditions who could lose their health care if protected coverage is repealed (source).
  • Pre-existing condition protections ensure over a million Arizonans have the vital health insurance they need to have treatment within reach without straining family budgets.
  • For those without medical insurance, getting health care could break the bank. Without pre-existing condition protections, millions of Arizonans could be forced to choose between staying healthy and keeping the lights on.
  • With an already strained healthcare system, preventative and ongoing care is vital to avoid overwhelming doctors and hospitals with patients in critical conditions. Pre-existing condition protections keeps healthcare accessible to over a million Arizonans who could be denied coverage without them.

That is why Opportunity Arizona supports HB2739 sponsored by Representative Andrea Dalessandro, which would create stronger health insurance options for all Arizonans.

Once the worst of COVID-19 is over, many Arizonans will now have pre-existing conditions. Without protections, insurance companies could increase their rates or deny coverage all together. The future of the ACA is uncertain – Arizona must pass state-level protections for those with pre-existing conditions.

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