The Arizona Legislature’s latest Tax Plan is a giveaway to the richest Arizonans

The middle class is getting squeezed, but the majority party at the Arizona Legislature doesn’ t seem to care. Instead of creating tax plans that work for middle and lower-income Arizonans, they recently passed a tax plan that is unfair, regressive and will take billions of dollars out of schools, healthcare, infrastructure, and public safety.

Simply put, the legislature passed a “flat” income tax plan that drastically reduced the amount of taxes the wealthiest pay while barely giving any tax breaks for the vast majority of hard-working Arizonans.

How bad was it? Consider this example: if you make from $40,000 to $64,000 per year your average tax savings will be about $47. But if you make over $512,000 your average tax break will be over $30,000. Does that sound fair?

This is just another example of how broken Arizona’s tax code has become. To get the full picture of this regressive system, visit The Arizona Center for Economic Progress for a great analysis.

During the 2022 session we will be fighting for tax reform that works for all Arizonans, instead of just giving more money to the rich.

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