Through decades of laws and policy decisions, Arizona’s elected leaders have created a tax code that prioritizes corporations and the super-rich over everyday Arizonans. Lower- and middle-income earners pay as much as twice their share of earnings to local taxes as the richest. 

This year’s budget makes it even worse. Rather than working for you, some legislators chose to give even MORE handouts to the wealthiest Arizonans by creating a FLAT TAX.

You can read more about how the flat tax will affect Arizonans here

Cities and towns rely on sufficient funding to provide essential services to our communities. Creating tax loopholes for corporations and the super-rich will force cities to cut their budgets, defunding first responders and cutting services that make our communities great, like parks and arts. This is particularly harmful to small, rural communities many of which have already been facing significant economic struggles.

We need leadership that prioritizes hardworking Arizonans, our families, and our communities. We're working hard to make that happen.

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