Paid Family Leave

Hardworking parents face impossible choices – send a sick child to school or lose a day’s pay and risk being short on rent. Take an aging parent to a doctor’s appointment or risk not having enough money for their prescription. Spend time with their newborn child or work extra hours to put food on their table. Every Arizona employee should be able to earn paid time to take care of what matters most – their families. Especially in a state where CEOs make 300 times their average worker’s salary.

But some companies are doing the right thing and proving it’s good for business. Watch Tuft & Needle founder Nick Arambula explain why paid leave is so important for their company:

Tuft & Needle proves that businesses can and should give their employees paid medical leave. That’s why Arizona needs to pass a mandatory Paid Medical Leave law. COVID-19 is only creating more hardship for hardworking Arizona families. Folks who are sick are being told to stay home, but many cannot go without a paycheck. They can’t wait any longer for elected officials to do the right thing.

We call on Governor Ducey and state legislators to pass access to Paid Family Medical Leave NOW, because during these tough times nobody should have to choose between taking care of themself or a sick family member and paying for rent, food, or medications.

Join us today by clicking here to add your name to this petition to be sent to your legislators.

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