Without paid family and medical leave, hardworking parents face impossible choices – send a sick child to school or lose a day’s pay and risk being short on rent. Take an aging parent to a doctor’s appointment or risk not having enough money for their prescription. Spend time with their newborn child or work extra hours to put food on their table. 

And, when employees get sick themselves, they must choose between the paycheck they rely on and risking the health of their coworkers and community. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how impactful that choice can be. 

Every Arizona employee should be able to earn paid time to take care of themselves and their families when they need to. Especially in a state where CEOs make 300 times their average worker’s salary.

This legislative session, some lawmakers fought hard to ensure Arizonans get access to paid family and medical leave. This is the kind of leadership we need, and we are immensely grateful for those legislators working on behalf of Arizona’s workers.

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